The Most Common Methods for Heating a Swimming Pool

The pools inside homes are exclusive places that are used at night to have peace. Taking a night bath as a couple represents a unique level of renewal after work. There is only one temperature problem because during the night the water is usually very cold.

Of course, thanks to technology and the constant development of man, there are many ways to heat water. Choosing a method to heat a swimming pool is complicated, although it may not seem so. In general, doubts about one method of heating or another are how they are made.

Economically speaking, some methods are too expensive making it impossible to use one of these to heat the water for bathing. The size and amount of water in a pool usually vary and so do the heating methods. It is not the same to use a small heater than some that must be industrial to be able to serve for night baths.

You should consider that using a means to heat water is one of the most rewarding investments you should use. You must be the one who looks for a heating method that is easy for you to pay for without problems. Several heaters have benefits and some cons that will also be developed in this very important article.

Whenever you visit All American Pool and Spa, you can take home new advice related to your pool and tranquility. All that is desired is that after studying the heating methods, you are ready to choose one

Methods to Heat the water of the Most Used Pools in the Last Year

It is good to talk about the trends that are being used to heat a swimming pool lately. Of course, these have not varied much compared to those used for at least ten years. The pools have always had an important value, so the heating methods are as follows:

Economic Methods.

To make a real replacement for the methods, it is good to evaluate them according to the price to maintain them. Seeing the cheapest ones are the following:

1. Systems for Heating Pools with Sun.

Those who have little experience in the pool may find this method as a bad joke. However, this is one of the most practical and economic systems in the market for large pool heaters. All these systems do is heat the water by passing it through a collector that traps heat from the sun.

This causes certain amounts of water to pass continuously causing it to warm up before returning to the pool. This whole system has some additional accessories that allow leveling the temperature that enters the pool. The sensors are the ones that show how much water should be heated to avoid serious accidents such as burns.

Of course, the filters that collect the water in this system are made of different materials but equally useful. Water collectors are used according to the period where it is necessary to heat the pool, whether winter or summer. When the materials are made of copper, they are used in a pool where temperatures are considered to be very low.

Also, when they are made of rubbers, it is only to heat the water a little and then return it to the pool. Everything, however, has some cons that must be taken into account before investing money in this heater.


  • Not all heat sources are available for this heater.
  • If direct sunlight is not received in your territory, you should not install this system.
  • The installer must place the collectors in the correct location, or it will not help.
  • You may have trouble heating a swimming pool that is too large.

2. Solar Covers

This is undoubtedly another of the cheapest heating means that you should always consider using. Of course, you should start by making it clear that this method is ideal for swimming pools used in the summer. All it does is cover is to collect heat from the sun during the day to keep warm temperature.

Depending on the cost and material of the covers, the time in which they will be used to improve the temperature varies. The most resistant are those made of transparent material because they usually last an average of a decade without being damaged. On the other hand, concerning the sun temperature, the efficiency level of this heating method can be calculated.

All the work of these covers is to prevent the temperature from being colder due to water evaporation.

3. Heaters for pools that use gas

These heaters can be subdivided between those that are used with natural gas and those that are not. However, the cost of these heaters similar and although it is higher than the other methods, it is also cheap. The gas system is composed using a pump to filter the water and subsequently heat up without problems.

Each step of this system is done because when burning gas in a chamber, it begins to transfer heat. The water that enters the pump is returned to the pool at a higher temperature for better use. All heating methods have the sole purpose of providing water that allows you to bathe without fear of cold.

An advantage of gas heaters is that you heat the pools regardless of the low weather temperatures. This type of heating is used in places where the weather is too low to withstand unheated water. When using the pool, this method is often very useful because it makes a warm-up considered as very fast.

-Expensive Heating Systems.

Before talking about the heating system considered as expensive, you must explain why. It is generally known that a heating system is expensive if it generates extra expenses for service or maintenance. The most expensive system on the market is the electric one and then the description of this heating system.

1. Electric Heating System.

The operation of the electrical system is different from the others because it only distributes the heat where it is needed. This pump contains a chemical compound that is used as a refrigerant by evaporating and giving a warmer temperature. The entire system is perfectly used to heat the pool and cool the heating system of this specific type.

All this is possible because the compressors help the pumps to improve the entire heating system. Speaking of the economic part due to energy consumption, this can be considered one of the most expensive systems. This pump is very efficient but your expenses may be too expensive to pay if you use this method frequently.

Final Considerations

Each method to heat a swimming pool should be evaluated according to external temperatures. Due to this and future heater prices, a decision can be made. Everything related to heaters should be evaluated by a pool technician to find out which one is suitable.